Do you also want to learn how your dancing skills can take you further into the professional field? Or maybe your biggest dream is to become an allround artist that can combine singing and dancing?

Then here is your chance!

In September 2021 we will start a new program for this project.  In a weekly program of 6 weeks we are not only working with our regular pro dancers, but we will also focus on you; that ambitious, driven and talented dancer that wants to take it to the level of a pro dancer and develop yourself towards that level.


Every Saturday we provide the opportunity to work with the best choreographers and pro dancers that already build their career and learn from them. You will get inside tips, tricks and training on a pro level, that will help you take your first steps in the professional world of an allround artist/entertainer.

On top of that this cool 6 week program we will close it off with a casting for a famous producer that has launched several national and international popgroups. So you definitely do not want to miss that!


Ollaaa! My name is Lani. From the age of 4 I knew: I wanted to be a dancer! A few years after my graduation, I have been working as a performing dancer. In addition to shows, teaching and video clips, I have focused on TikTok for the past six months. And this turned out to be a success! Through social media I get various jobs for artists and fashion brands, among others. I describe my dance style as a combination of: Afro, dancehall, commercial, Island vibes. My energy and appearance in front of the camera are my specialties. My lessons at Masters of dance will therefore mainly focus on TikTok and performance.


“Musical is hard work, but the appreciation from the audience is always worth it”.

My name is Diego González-Clark and I can pass on my love for the profession as one of the choreographers at Masters of Dance. After seeing my first musical I was hooked and I never stopped loving the profession.

The multidisciplinary skills that are required for this make it so interesting that I never stop growing and developing. That is why I am extra happy that I can hand over a small part during the masterclass “musical” during Masters of Dance.


Hi everyone, my name is Kian Mebius and I am 20 years young. My main focus in dance is the commercial field and also developing my own craft. The last projects I’ve worked on are the Eurovision song festival, various theater shows, Vengaboys and the TV talent show In Search of Maria. I like a high energy class and mainly focus on performance and confidence. Can’t wait to meet you and get started! See y’all soon!


My name is Sacha Setubun and I am 29 years old. I started dancing when I was 16 and have been working as a dancer from the age of 18. Before that I was a fanatic football player with a lot of varied sports. I mainly danced on the streets with the children in my street. Only when I started taking lessons my passion started. That passion is still here up to this day and will never leave.

In my work history I have done many different assignments. I worked as a dancer at Hollands got Talent, Bollywood film, Peter Pan (world tour), Cinderella (Lord Chamberlain), Dreamgirls, The Lion King and Hello Dolly.

My specialty in dance is modern jazz. Especially jumping technique and turning technique. I also take many different classes myself that go from ballet to latin to hip hop. So I use many different influences in my style.


Noa started her dancing career at the age of 5. She graduated from the Lucia Marthas dance school and now works as an all-round dancer and dance teacher.

After she won the Avro Junior Dance program in 2014, she has done various dance assignments. For example, she was seen in the video clip of Jan Smit and Kraantje Pappie ‘Handen Omhoog’, Avro Junior Christmas Show, Televizier ring and The Prinsengracht Concert. As a dancer, Noa was featured in several seasons of the successful Dance Dance Dance program.

In addition to her passion for dance, singing and acting also play a major role in her life. She has played in the musicals Annie and Billy Elliot and has appeared in the children’s series “Uncommon Star” and “It’s Lisa Baby”.




We can imagine, that by reading this page, you might have some questions about the program. For example: When will the next Masters Of Dance Program start and until when will it run?

We will start with a casting! The program itself will take place in Amsterdam.

– Saterday 10 July 2021 from 12.00 till 14.00 hour – Casting Day

– Saterday 5 September 2021 from 09:30 till 13:00 hour

– Saterday 11 September 2021 from 09.30 – 13.00 hour

 Saterday 18 September 2021 from 09.30 – 13.00 hour

– Saterday 25 September 2021 from 09.30 – 13.00 hour

– Saterday 2 October 2021 from 09.30 – 13.00 hour

– Saterday 9 October 2021 – Casting time!


Would you also like to qualify and participate in this cool talent development program of Masters of Dance? Sign up now!


    For previous comparable successful coaching programs see our Dance2Perform and Dance2Perform Teens talent academy on the website of TST Productions. Masters of Dance focuses more on dance and all-round artist profession, but these previous talent academies also give a good idea of ​​what to expect.

    Masters of Dance is a power collab from..
    • The program develops your talents with tools that are not covered in regular dance lessons.
      We work with small groups, so there is personal and honest attention for you.
    • You work in the same group of dancers who all have the same drive / passion, namely “to a higher level with their talents”.
    • You learn from multiple professionals.
    • In addition, we think a safe environment is very important and we will do everything for you to be able to completely be yourself and be able to open up so that you can really make a growth.
    • The program is concluded with a ‘real’ casting in which you will participate!

    Long story short, an opportunity you don’t want to miss. So is dancing your biggest passion? Do you want to take your dance skills to a higher and more professional level? Sign up for the casting day via the button below!

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